Ministering Grace and Truth to men impacted by homosexuality



Restored Hope Network


Restored Hope is an inter-denominational membership governed network  dedicated to restoring hope to those broken by sexual and relational  sin, especially those impacted by homosexuality. We proclaim that Jesus  Christ has life-changing power for all who submit to Christ as Lord; we  also seek to equip His church to impart that transformation.

Restored Hope Network

PO Box 64588
Colorado Springs, CO 80962

Phone: 503-927-0869


Mastering Life


Mastering Life Ministries is an interdenominational, non-profit  Christian ministry. It exists in order to target areas of life where  people are caught and deceived into unhealthy, dysfunctional life-styles  that separate them from the power and blessing of God, and to equip the  Church to redemptively minister to such people.
Our primary focus is  sexual sin and brokenness, and related issues such as intimacy with the  Father, performance orientation, anger management, etc. The tools of  our ministry include film, television, and radio as well as seminars and  publications that communicate the truth of Jesus Christ.

Help 4 Families


Help 4 Families

PMB 156

378 Diederich Blvd.

Ashland, Kentucky   41101

Phone: 814-598-4952


Recommended Reading

Destiny Bridge 

by Frank Worthen

Pursuing Sexual Wholeness 

by Andrew Comiskey

Growth into Manhood 

by Alan Medinger

Someone I Love is Gay 

by Anita Worthen

Compassion Without Compromise 

by Ron Citlau

Restoring Sexual Identity 

by Anne Paulk

Transformed Into His Image 

by David Kyle Foster

Crisis in Masculinity 

by Leanne Payne


Such Were Some of You 

For those with loved ones who struggle with homosexuality.

How do you Like Me Now?

When a child, parent, spouse, or sibling says they're gay.

Available from Mastering Life Ministries